Commit 6c0d0c52 by Oláh István Gergely

dashboard: add group-details.js with rename scripts

parent 9a6604e4
/* rename */
$("#group-details-h1-name, .group-details-rename-button").click(function() {
$("#group-details-rename").css('display', 'inline');
/* rename ajax */
$('#group-details-rename-submit').click(function() {
var name = $('#group-details-rename-name').val();
method: 'POST',
url: location.href,
data: {'new_name': name},
headers: {"X-CSRFToken": getCookie('csrftoken')},
success: function(data, textStatus, xhr) {
// addMessage(data['message'], "success");
error: function(xhr, textStatus, error) {
addMessage("Error during renaming!", "danger");
return false;
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