Commit 8a497a9a by Bach Dániel

firewall: fix race condition in reloadtask_worker

Closes #311
parent 91c5e3c8
...@@ -29,26 +29,24 @@ settings = django.conf.settings.FIREWALL_SETTINGS ...@@ -29,26 +29,24 @@ settings = django.conf.settings.FIREWALL_SETTINGS
logger = getLogger(__name__) logger = getLogger(__name__)
def _apply_once(name, queues, task, data): def _apply_once(name, tasks, queues, task, data):
"""Reload given networking component if needed. """Reload given networking component if needed.
""" """
lockname = "%s_lock" % name if name not in tasks:
if not cache.get(lockname):
return return
data = data() data = data()
for queue in queues: for queue in queues:
try: try:
task.apply_async(args=data, queue=queue, expires=60).get(timeout=5) task.apply_async(args=data, queue=queue, expires=60).get(timeout=2)"%s configuration is reloaded. (queue: %s)","%s configuration is reloaded. (queue: %s)",
name, queue) name, queue)
except TimeoutError as e: except TimeoutError as e:
logger.critical('%s (queue: %s)', e, queue) logger.critical('%s (queue: %s, task: %s)', e, queue, name)
except: except:
logger.critical('Unhandled exception: queue: %s data: %s', logger.critical('Unhandled exception: queue: %s data: %s task: %s',
queue, data, exc_info=True) queue, data, name, exc_info=True)
def get_firewall_queues(): def get_firewall_queues():
...@@ -68,19 +66,28 @@ def reloadtask_worker(): ...@@ -68,19 +66,28 @@ def reloadtask_worker():
from remote_tasks import (reload_dns, reload_dhcp, reload_firewall, from remote_tasks import (reload_dns, reload_dhcp, reload_firewall,
reload_firewall_vlan, reload_blacklist) reload_firewall_vlan, reload_blacklist)
tasks = []
for i in ('dns', 'dhcp', 'firewall', 'firewall_vlan', 'blacklist'):
lockname = "%s_lock" % i
if cache.get(lockname):
cache.delete(lockname)"reloadtask_worker: Reload %s", ", ".join(tasks))
firewall_queues = get_firewall_queues() firewall_queues = get_firewall_queues()
dns_queues = [("%s.dns" % i) for i in dns_queues = [("%s.dns" % i) for i in
settings.get('dns_queues', [gethostname()])] settings.get('dns_queues', [gethostname()])]
_apply_once('dns', dns_queues, reload_dns, _apply_once('dns', tasks, dns_queues, reload_dns,
lambda: (dns(), )) lambda: (dns(), ))
_apply_once('dhcp', firewall_queues, reload_dhcp, _apply_once('dhcp', tasks, firewall_queues, reload_dhcp,
lambda: (dhcp(), )) lambda: (dhcp(), ))
_apply_once('firewall', firewall_queues, reload_firewall, _apply_once('firewall', tasks, firewall_queues, reload_firewall,
lambda: (BuildFirewall().build_ipt())) lambda: (BuildFirewall().build_ipt()))
_apply_once('firewall_vlan', firewall_queues, reload_firewall_vlan, _apply_once('firewall_vlan', tasks, firewall_queues, reload_firewall_vlan,
lambda: (vlan(), )) lambda: (vlan(), ))
_apply_once('blacklist', firewall_queues, reload_blacklist, _apply_once('blacklist', tasks, firewall_queues, reload_blacklist,
lambda: (list(ipset()), )) lambda: (list(ipset()), ))
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