Commit 8c311f33 by Kálmán Viktor

dashboard: basic 2fa tests

parent 5e0a765a
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......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
import json
import pyotp
# from unittest import skip
from django.test import TestCase
from django.test.client import Client
......@@ -39,10 +41,12 @@ settings = django.conf.settings.FIREWALL_SETTINGS
class LoginMixin(object):
def login(self, client, username, password='password'):
def login(self, client, username, password='password', follow=False):
response ='/accounts/login/', {'username': username,
'password': password})
'password': password},
self.assertNotEqual(response.status_code, 403)
return response
class VmDetailTest(LoginMixin, MockCeleryMixin, TestCase):
......@@ -1817,3 +1821,66 @@ class LeaseDetailTest(LoginMixin, TestCase):
# redirect to the login page
self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 403)
self.assertEqual(leases, Lease.objects.count())
class TwoFactorTest(LoginMixin, TestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.u1 = User.objects.create(username='user1', first_name="Bela",
self.p1 = Profile.objects.create(
user=self.u1, two_factor_secret=pyotp.random_base32())
self.u2 = User.objects.create(username='user2', is_staff=True)
self.p2 = Profile.objects.create(user=self.u2)
def tearDown(self):
super(TwoFactorTest, self).tearDown()
def test_login_wo_2fa_by_redirect(self):
c = Client()
response = self.login(c, 'user2')
self.assertRedirects(response, "/", target_status_code=302)
def test_login_w_2fa_by_redirect(self):
c = Client()
response = self.login(c, 'user1')
self.assertRedirects(response, "/two-factor-login/")
def test_login_wo_2fa_by_content(self):
c = Client()
response = self.login(c, 'user2', follow=True)
self.assertTemplateUsed(response, "dashboard/index.html")
self.assertContains(response, "You have no permission to start "
"or manage virtual machines.")
def test_login_w_2fa_by_conent(self):
c = Client()
r = self.login(c, 'user1', follow=True)
self.assertTemplateUsed(r, "registration/two-factor-login.html")
self.assertContains(r, "Welcome Bela Akkounter (user1)!")
def test_successful_2fa_login(self):
c = Client()
response = self.login(c, 'user1')
code = pyotp.TOTP(self.p1.two_factor_secret).now()
r ="/two-factor-login/", {'confirmation_code': code},
self.assertContains(r, "You have no permission to start "
"or manage virtual machines.")
def test_unsuccessful_2fa_login(self):
c = Client()
response = self.login(c, 'user1')
r ="/two-factor-login/", {'confirmation_code': "nudli"})
self.assertTemplateUsed(r, "registration/two-factor-login.html")
self.assertContains(r, "Welcome Bela Akkounter (user1)!")
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