Commit 93079b1d by Bach Dániel

fabfile: add monitor-client

parent 0c2709fa
...@@ -119,11 +119,13 @@ def stop_portal(test=False): ...@@ -119,11 +119,13 @@ def stop_portal(test=False):
@roles('node') @roles('node')
def update_node(): def update_node():
"Update and restart nodes" "Update and restart nodes"
with _stopped("node", "agentdriver"): with _stopped("node", "agentdriver", "monitor-client"):
pull("~/vmdriver") pull("~/vmdriver")
pip("vmdriver", "~/vmdriver/requirements/production.txt") pip("vmdriver", "~/vmdriver/requirements/production.txt")
pull("~/agentdriver") pull("~/agentdriver")
pip("agentdriver", "~/agentdriver/requirements.txt") pip("agentdriver", "~/agentdriver/requirements.txt")
pip("monitor-client", "~/monitor-client/requirements.txt")
@parallel @parallel
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