Commit a6c27803 by Czémán Arnold

dashboard: fix toggle boot menu form permission problems, remove unecessary…

dashboard: fix toggle boot menu form permission problems, remove unecessary helper from ToggleBootMenuForm
parent 5b503e39
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......@@ -1446,14 +1446,6 @@ class ToggleBootMenuForm(forms.ModelForm):
if disabled:
self.fields['boot_menu'].widget.attrs['disabled'] = 'disabled'
def helper(self):
helper = FormHelper()
helper.form_action = (
return helper
class GroupPermissionForm(forms.ModelForm):
permissions = forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField(
......@@ -175,9 +175,9 @@ class VmDetailView(GraphMixin, CheckedDetailView):
context['traits_form'] = TraitsForm(instance=instance)
context['raw_data_form'] = RawDataForm(instance=instance)
context['toggle_boot_menu_form'] = ToggleBootMenuForm(
if is_owner and user.has_perm("vm.toggle_boot_menu"):
context['toggle_boot_menu_form'] = ToggleBootMenuForm(
instance=instance, disabled=hasattr(
context['op']['toggle_boot_menu'], 'disabled'))
# resources change perm
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