Commit b4ed419c by Kálmán Viktor

dashboard: fix multiple warning messages

parent d00c893d
...@@ -543,14 +543,21 @@ class TemplateAclUpdateView(AclUpdateView): ...@@ -543,14 +543,21 @@ class TemplateAclUpdateView(AclUpdateView):
logger.warning('Tried to set permissions of %s by non-owner %s.', logger.warning('Tried to set permissions of %s by non-owner %s.',
unicode(template), unicode(request.user)) unicode(template), unicode(request.user))
raise PermissionDenied() raise PermissionDenied()
self.set_levels(request, template)
self.add_levels(request, template) name = request.POST['perm-new-name']
if (User.objects.filter(username=name).count() +
post_for_disk = request.POST.copy() Group.objects.filter(name=name).count() < 1
post_for_disk['perm-new'] = 'user' and len(name) > 0):
request.POST = post_for_disk warning(request, _('User or group "%s" not found.') % name)
for d in template.disks.all(): else:
self.add_levels(request, d) self.set_levels(request, template)
self.add_levels(request, template)
post_for_disk = request.POST.copy()
post_for_disk['perm-new'] = 'user'
request.POST = post_for_disk
for d in template.disks.all():
self.add_levels(request, d)
return redirect(reverse("dashboard.views.template-detail", return redirect(reverse("dashboard.views.template-detail",
kwargs=self.kwargs)) kwargs=self.kwargs))
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