Commit e14d1e18 by Guba Sándor

dashboard: fixed TODO deleted iwner from save_as

parent d89d75c8
...@@ -423,10 +423,8 @@ class VmDetailView(CheckedDetailView): ...@@ -423,10 +423,8 @@ class VmDetailView(CheckedDetailView):,, date,, date
) )
# TODO csak egy maradhat!!
self.object.save_as_template_async(name=new_name, self.object.save_as_template_async(name=new_name,
user=request.user, user=request.user)
messages.success(request, _("Saving instance as template!")) messages.success(request, _("Saving instance as template!"))
return redirect("%s#activity" % self.object.get_absolute_url()) return redirect("%s#activity" % self.object.get_absolute_url())
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