Commit f31310e6 by Őry Máté

common: test HumanSortField

parent 912ccc1b
from collections import deque
from django.test import TestCase
from mock import MagicMock
from .models import TestClass
from ..models import HumanSortField
class MethodCacheTestCase(TestCase):
......@@ -28,3 +33,33 @@ class MethodCacheTestCase(TestCase):
self.assertEqual(val1a, val1b)
self.assertEqual(t1.called, 2)
class TestHumanSortField(TestCase):
def test_partition(self):
values = {(lambda s: s.isdigit(), "1234abc56"): ("1234", "abc", "56"),
(lambda s: s.isalpha(), "abc567"): ("abc", "567", ""),
(lambda s: s == "a", "aaababaa"): ("aaa", "b", "abaa"),
(lambda s: s == "a", u"aaababaa"): ("aaa", "b", "abaa"),
for (pred, val), result in values.iteritems():
a, b, c = HumanSortField._partition(deque(val), pred)
assert isinstance(c, deque)
c = ''.join(c)
# print "%s, %s => %s" % (val, str(pred), str((a, b, c)))
self.assertEquals((a, b, c), result)
def test_get_normalized(self):
values = {("1234abc56", 4): "1234abc0056",
("abc567", 2): "abc567",
("aaababaa", 8): "aaababaa",
("aa4ababaa", 2): "aa04ababaa",
("aa4aba24baa4", 4): "aa0004aba0024baa0004",
for (val, length), result in values.iteritems():
obj = MagicMock(spec=HumanSortField, maximum_number_length=length,
test_result = HumanSortField.get_normalized_value(obj, val)
self.assertEquals(test_result, result)
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