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give more in depth description of SSHKEY_AUTHORIZED_KEYS_COMMAND

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......@@ -19,18 +19,26 @@ In order to associate an incoming public key with a user you must define
SSHKEY\_AUTHORIZED\_KEYS\_COMMAND in your project's This should
be a string containing the command which is run after successful
authentication, with "{username}" being replaced with the username of the user
associated with the incoming public key.
associated with the incoming public key. For instance:
> SSHKEY\_AUTHORIZED\_KEYS\_COMMAND = 'my-command {username}'
will cause keys produced by the below commands to look similar to:
> command="my-command fred" ssh-rsa BLAHBLAHBLAH
assuming the key "BLAHBLAHBLAH" is owned by fred.
## URL Configuration
This text assumes that your Django project's maps sshkey.urls into the
url namespace as follows:
urlpatterns = patterns('',
url('^sshkey/', include(sshkey.urls)),
> urlpatterns = patterns('',
> ...
> url('^sshkey/', include(sshkey.urls)),
> ...
> )
You will need to adjust your URLs if you use a different mapping.
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