Commit 602d7b33 by Belákovics Ádám

Use the gitlab relative url schema

parent 6e5fbd02
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......@@ -15,9 +15,6 @@ test:
- pip install pipenv
- pipenv install -d
- cd recircle
- git submodule update --remote
- cd ..
- cd recircle
- pipenv run python test
[submodule "recircle/interface_openstack"]
path = recircle/interface_openstack
url =
url = ../../RECIRCLE/interface-openstack
branch = DEV
Subproject commit dc7e976d672c15d4f2f771d9a1fad0459d133f61
Subproject commit e01d873c78ac17fed0438936f979de3cbaca6a5e
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